Soffit and fascia

Some of the most misunderstood roof parts are the soffits and fascia boards, but they’re vital for the proper functioning of a home’s roof. Though it’s something most homeowners don’t think about, soffit and fascia replacement can improve energy efficiency and curb appeal.

Soffit and Fascia FAQs for Chicago IL Area Homeowners

In and around Chicago IL, SRS Exteriors is the local roofing and home exterior improvement company, trusted by both business owners and homeowners for state-of-the-art roofing services, including fascia boards and soffits.

  • What are roof soffits?

    The soffit is a type of vent placed underneath the overhang where the roof extends past the exterior wall of a building. Soffits allow cool, dry air to flow into the attic so that hot, moist air can escape through roof vents. If your soffits get damaged or blocked, moisture buildup and heat damage can occur under the roof.

  • What are fascia?

    Simply put, Fascia is the board that covers the edge of your roof and usually matches your siding. It’s one of the parts of your home exterior that you don’t notice until it’s damaged or missing, but fascia seal your roof and give you a place to install gutter systems. Missing or damaged fascia boards can lead to moisture problems in a roof or gutter damage.

  • When do you need soffit and fascia replacement services?

    Your soffit and fascia can get damaged by severe weather, but they are especially susceptible to damage from ice damming, which is when snow buildup on a roof thaws and freezes repeatedly to make a dam of ice. When this dam slides off the roof, it can tear off fascia or create too much weight so roof soffits can get damaged.

SRS Exteriors: Soffit and Fascia Replacement Experts in Chicago IL

In the Chicago area, SRS Exteriors is the roofing company with the most experience not only in roof replacements but in other exterior services like installing, repairing, or replacing both soffits and fascia. Whatever service you need on your Chicagoland home, we can help!

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