Gutter Guards for Old House

Gutter Guards for Old House

We recently received a consultation request for gutter guards in Wheaton. A customer called in looking for assistance with her gutters. She explained to us that in recent years, her gutters had been clogging due to leaves and various debris. She said that her gutters were still in good shape, but had been clogging up. This had made it difficult for water to pass through.  She wanted to know what her best options were for solving this problem. We let her know gutter guards were a perfect solution to her issue. We agreed to visit the location to determine the scope of the project.

One of our residential exterior experts visited the property the following Monday. He examined the previous gutter installation, and it’s ability to divert water. He determined that gutter guards were an excellent remedy to her problem. After some further evaluation, we quoted the residence owner for the guards. She was pleased with the fair price, and schedule to complete the project. We agreed to meet later that week to complete the project.

We returned to the customer’s house later that week to begin the gutter guard installation.  The house was of manageable size, and we were able to complete the job that day.  By the time we had finished installing the guards, it was evident that the gutters were going to function more effectively. The homeowner was very happy to know that her gutters would not be clogging as they did before. After finalizing our work we thanked the customer. We let her know that if she needed any further residential exterior work, that we would be happy to assist her.

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