Gutter Guards

Gutters are the unsung heroes of your home’s rainwater management system. They channel water away from your home to protect against mold, rot, erosion around the foundation, and more. Gutter guards function as an added layer of protection that helps your gutters to work more efficiently reduces the need for maintenance, and can even extend the life of your gutters.

SRS Exteriors offers premium gutter protection products along with flawless installation for a perfect fit and optimal performance.

Let us tell you: We’ve seen the damage that results from poorly functioning gutters! Don’t end up with thousands of dollars of easily avoidable repairs. Protect your home—and your gutters—with our affordable gutter guards.


Still not sure why installing a gutter protection system is such a good idea? Easier maintenance is perhaps the most obvious benefit of gutter guards, but there are other significant advantages as well:

  • Prevent Fires: Those dry leaves accumulating in your gutters are a fire waiting to happen, but gutter protection helps to neutralize this threat by keeping your gutters clear.
  • Reduce Risk of Ice Dams: Accumulated debris in your gutters blocks the flow of water and, without suitable gutter protection, damaging ice dams can form when the temperatures drop.
  • Send Pests Packing: Gutters make a cozy spot for mice and other pests to set up home, but an investment in gutter guard installation will prevent such infestations.
  • Longer System Life: Wet leaves sitting in your gutters are sure to lead to rust, along with the need to replace your system before its time. Gutter protection prevents such premature rusting.


Protect the gutters that do so much to protect your home with quality, durable gutter guards from SRS Exteriors. Gutter protection can be added to new gutters and most existing gutters, so contact us today to get started. Give us a call or fill out our simple online form now to request a free consultation.

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