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Criss-crossed with a network of walking paths alongside the Dupont River, Naperville is a relaxing suburb to live and work in. Of course, it sees just as much weather as any other part of the Great Lakes Region, which means that homeowners need their properties to be energy efficient and resilient. Keep your home in good condition with the affordable improvement, repair, and replacement services of SRS Exteriors.

We’re a friendly and customer-oriented exterior remodeling company that will guide you through the process of identifying worn out or damaged exterior features and making the necessary fixes. For more than five years, we’ve met the needs of our customers as a:

  • Roofing Contractor
  • Siding Company
  • Window Replacement Company
  • Gutter Replacement Company
  • Storm Restoration Team

Easy Roof Replacement Services

When the time comes time to replace that damaged or worn out roof, SRS Exteriors will work hard to deliver results you’ll love for years to come. Our wide selection of products makes it easy to narrow down the design details of your custom roof replacement. Our roof contractor can explain more about the different types of materials available and the benefits you can expect from each during your complimentary, in-home consultation.

The Siding Replacement Experts

As the siding on your home wears out due to age, repeated impacts, and high winds, you’ll want to start considering your siding replacement options. Our factory-trained siding experts use only the most attractive and durable products from leading brands like James Hardie, LP, and CertainTeed. Our options include metal siding, fiber cement board, and vinyl siding.

Many Options for Window Replacement

If high energy bills have you thinking about window replacement, the contractors at SRS Exteriors can show you our catalog of window styles. We have options to suit every kind of personal style and any practical need. Let us show you our garden windows, picture windows, and double-hung windows during a complimentary consultation. We also have energy-efficient options to keep your family cozy in the coldest weather.

Avoid Water Damage with Gutter Replacement

Whether your gutters are starting to pull away from your roof or they’ve been damaged by blockages, ice, or rust, the result is the same: You’ll soon have a problem with water damage around and in your home! Rather than attempt to repair very old or damaged gutters, we often recommend a swift gutter replacement for Naperville homeowners. Our seamless gutter systems can help prevent these problems from happening again in the future!

Storm Restoration Services in Naperville

A nasty storm can really do a number on your home exterior. When you’ve been left with missing shingles, broken siding and windows, and bent or disconnected gutters, reach out to SRS Exteriors. We’ll provide an expert assessment of your property and an honest quote for storm restoration. You’ll know exactly what it will cost to get your home back into great shape again.

Grab a Precise Price Estimate for Your Naperville Home Improvement Project

From a simple gutter replacement to completely restoring your home after a bad storm, SRS Exteriors serves as your total home exterior remodeling company in Naperville. Let us explain more during a complimentary, no-obligation consultation with a renovation expert.

Simply give us a call or fill out our online form to ask about your appointment today. You can also request a free cost estimate for any of our home remodeling services.