New Siding and Gutters

New Siding and Gutters

A new client recently called in requesting a free estimate on a property that he had purchased. The client explained that he had called other companies, before, but had been unsatisfied. He noted in the phone call that he was looking to do a complete remodel of a house, for him and his family to move into. As a top siding contractor in Bolingbrook, we knew that we were the right company for any job, and we scheduled a time for the estimate.

After arriving at the property and meeting our client, he explained to us the vision that he had for the project. His family was set to move to Bolingbrook in the near future, and he wanted to redo the exterior of the house to make it durable and inviting. After we talked the project over, we came to the conclusion that he would need new siding, as well as gutter installation. We finished the estimate, set our start date, and shook our client’s hand. We were excited and ready to begin this job.

A few days before we were to begin, the client called in asking to reschedule the start date. A personal situation was forcing him to slightly delay the project, but we assured him that this wasn’t an issue. We rescheduled the job for him, and he was relieved to know that we were there to best serve him.

By the end of the project, our crew became quite close to the client. He was very involved in the process and seemed interested in learning about the various types of vinyl siding, the installation process that was required, as well as the necessary upkeep for his new gutters. Once our team had completed the exterior of the residence, our client was overjoyed that he could bring his family to their new home. The entire crew left with a smile, which was matched by that of the client.