New Vinyl Siding for New Client

New Vinyl Siding for New Client

A brand new client called and was looking for a siding contractor in Aurora. She had recently purchased a house and was in the process of remodeling her new property. While she was familiar with vinyl siding, and the fact that there are a number of types, she wanted an expert opinion. After recording her information, we prepared a crew to go check out her property and give her a free estimate.

After arriving at our client’s home, we performed our examination of the property and provided her with the estimate. Our team of expertly trained vinyl siding installers explained that we had various types of siding, all that would give her new place a unique and attractive look. After some discussion, she decided that Dutch Lap Siding was her favorite, and our crew was in agreement. We then set a start date and returned to the shop.

On the day our team was to start the installation of our clients new vinyl siding, they were up early and ready to go. We met the client outside of her home and quickly got to work. After our team had completed work on her home, we regrouped and sat down with the client to make sure that we had satisfied all of her requirements for the house. We were happy to see that she was truly elated with the work that had been done, and with the look of her new house. She thanked us generously and praised the diligence of our team and the service she had been provided. The crew knew they had not only successfully built another quality customer relationship, but helped a customer achieve their dream home.