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Peter K.

I had a relatively small job that most of the companies did not want to even start with. The SRS Exeriors came out and investigated the possible reasons of the leak and the reason of the damage. They pointed out several non-conformant issues with the original siding and trim installation along with the flashing found missing at some points where the roof and the chimney met, and the non-proper separation between the gutter and the chimney. Some places the proper seal was only based on simple caulking, which aged over time and cracked. All of which could lead to the observed leak. Based on the found external evidences they estimated the necessary work and replacement costs, and despite the relatively old vinyl siding material they found the best matching presently available replacement. The overall work took a bit more than one day long, they have replaced the whole chimney exterior. Fortunately the inner structure was still intact and sturdy. As a result I have now a brand new chimney with perfect look, from the ground even in bright daylight the slight mismatch in color cannot be noticed. The workers worked with perfect skills, and precision, and left a clean area, including cleaning the roof, gutters and all around the house where debris was falling down during demolition and cutting. Overall I would recommend SRS Exteriors to my friends for such small, but demanding job because they provided expertise assessment on the situation and good quality final results.

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