Roof Repair

Your roof is the single most important structure when it comes to protecting your home, and roof repairs are vital to keeping your home dry and comfortable. Whether storm damage has ravaged your home exterior or normal wear and tear has damaged your roof, repairs need to be performed by your trusted local roofing company.

SRS Exteriors: Chicagoland’s Roof Repair Experts

Homeowners in and around Chicago IL trust SRS Exteriors for all kinds of roof repair and home exterior restoration services. Our highly-trained roofers have decades of experience with repairing all styles of roofs as well as soffits, fascia, siding, windows, and more.

Roof Repair Services by SRS Exteriors

  • Roof Leak Repairs

    Leaky roofs are a headache but can also be a financial drain. As well as causing structural damage to the roof, a roof leak can damage interior walls, soffits, fascia, siding, and more parts of the home’s exterior than many homeowners realize. Roof leak repairs involve roofing experts examining the entire roof system for sources of the leak, then working closely with the homeowner to determine the best repair service, whether that’s shingle replacement or a whole roof replacement.

  • Residential Roofing vs Commercial Roof Repairs

    Commercial roofing is often very different from a roof in a residential house because many commercial buildings have flat roofs to allow access to HVAC units and signs. Flat roof repair solutions are different from residential roof repairs, but the experienced roofers at SRS Exteriors have the chops to fix everything.

  • Storm Damage Repair

    Storms can do a number on your roof, causing hail damage, wind damage, lift shingles, tearing off roofing materials, and more. Professional storm damage roof repair services can fix all of these issues, replacing shingles, repairing gutters and fascia boards, repairing roof flashing, and even fixing siding damage.

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Since 2014, we’ve been serving communities around Chicago with home exterior and roof repair services, and we’re happy to help you with roof leaks, damaged fascia, siding repairs, storm damage repairs, and more!

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