Roof Types

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At SRS Exteriors, we want our Chicago-area customers to understand their roof type and how that affects the roofing services they might need. Different roof types require certain kinds of roofing materials and present different challenges as far as roof maintenance and repair, so it’s important to know how your roof works.

  • Gable Roof

    Gables are flat, triangular areas where two roofing panels meet, so a gable roof has at least two roof panels with these areas on either side. These are the most common roofs in the US because they create attic space and the sloped roof allows precipitation to easily slide off. A gable roof style also allows for windows or other installations like dormers.

    Asphalt shingles, metal roofing panels, and wood shake roofing are all used on gable roofs.

  • Hip Roof

    When you have more than one roof panel, the place where they come together is called a roof hip, so hip roofs (AKA hipped roofs) have these constructions. A hip roof style is more complicated than a gable roof because of the different panels that create hips and valleys where they come together.

    Hip roofs can take all the same roofing materials as gable roofs, but roof installations and replacements can be more complicated.

  • Flat Roof

    Roofs with a very low slope are called flat roofs, even though many aren’t technically flat because they need to drain water. Even with a slight slope, flat roofing materials are very different than sloped roof materials. Many flat roofs are protected by roofing membranes and built-up roofing systems that provide waterproofing and UV resistance while allowing roof access.

    Common in commercial roofing, low-slope roofs require special flat roof systems like modified bitumen roofing, EPDM, or TPO roofing.

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Whether you need a roof replacement or storm damage roof repair, you need a roofing company with the capability to service all roof types like gable roofs or flat roofs. In Chicago IL, SRS Exteriors is an experienced, trusted roofing company.

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