Modified Bitumen

When choosing a flat roof system, there are lots of different roofing materials to choose from like rubberized roofing or thermoplastic, but modified bitumen roofing is one of the oldest types of flat roofing and is also very common.

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Modified Bitumen Roofing Options from SRS Exteriors

Many flat roofs are covered in what is called a roofing membrane, or a sheet of flat material that arrives in rolls and is unrolled to cover the entire roof. The seams between the sheets are sealed using a variety of methods, often seam tape.

  • How does a modified bitumen roofing system work?

    Modified bitumen roofing is a single-ply roofing membrane made of up different layers that each contribute to the functioning of the roof system. The bottom layer, installed right on top of the roof decking, is an asphalt emulsion. After that, a fireproof reinforcing fabric adds strength. Next, a base coat seals the roofing, and finally, a light-colored top coat makes the roofing reflective to better protect against UV rays.

The SRS Exteriors Flat Roof Servicing Process

Our superior service begins with the very first phone call a client makes. During our no-obligation roofing consultation, we’ll discuss the situation with your flat roof, taking as much information as we can about the size and age of your roof. Then we’ll send a professional roofer to your property for a thorough roofing inspection. After that, we’ll develop a detailed estimate outlining everything your flat roof needs. Finally, our trained roofers will install your new flat roofing system quickly and efficiently. Once the work is done, we won’t abandon you. SRS Exteriors is there for all our Chicagoland customers with flat roof repair and other exterior services like window replacement, siding installation, and more.

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