TPO Roofing

When it comes to flat roofing systems, TPO Roofing is one of the most versatile and technologically advanced roofing membranes out there, offering lightweight waterproof protection to low-slope roofs. This state-of-the-art flat roof membrane is only available from the best roofers, and in Chicago IL, SRS Exteriors is the best roofing company.

At SRS EXteriors, we’re well-versed in both residential roofing and commercial flat roofing, so we can tackle even the most complicated roofing projects. We’re excited to offer advanced TPO roofing membranes to our Chicagoland clients, but we also want our clients to be educated about their flat roofing options.

Advanced TPO Roofing From SRS Exteriors

  • What is TPO roofing?

    Also called thermoplastic roof membrane, TPO roofing is a single-ply sheet made from specialized plastic that reacts to heat so that the sheets can be welded together with heat. Often white, TPO roofing is so light and thin that it can even be installed on top of other flat roof systems like modified bitumen to add UV resistance and extra insulation.

  • Benefits of TPO Roofing for Flat Roofs

    • TPO roofing is a great way to upgrade an existing commercial flat roofing system. Here are some of its benefits.
    • The white color makes it naturally UV resistant, increasing the energy efficiency of the flat roof system.
    • There are many insulation options with TPO that are best for different types of flat roofs.
    • TPO roofing is very low cost, making it cost-effective over the lifetime of the roof.
    • There is very little maintenance required with thermoplastic roofing membranes.

SRS Exteriors: Chicagoland’s Flat Roof Experts

Choosing a flat roofing system for a commercial building or a residential home can be confusing for commercial property managers, but your trusted local roofing company is there to help. For commercial roofing services in Chicago IL, SRS Exteriors is the trusted roofing company, and we’ll help you find the right roofing material for your flat roof, whether that’s TPO roofing or some other type of flat roofing membrane.

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