Metal roofing

When it comes to modern roofing options, metal roofing is growing in popularity because of its durability, cost-effectiveness, and beauty. A metal roof is so durable that it’s considered a lifetime roof.

Metal roofing systems can be complicated, so they need an experienced roofing company to install and maintain them. In Chicago IL, SRS Exteriors is the roofing company with the most metal roof options, generous manufacturer warranties on metal roofing, and five-year labor warranties on their work.

Metal Roofing: The Modern Option for a Roof Replacement

  • How Metal Roofing Works

    The most popular metal roofing system is a standing seam metal roof. These roofs are made up of metal panels that are attached with waterproof seams that “stand up” from the panel’s surface, creating raised lines. These standing seams direct snow and rain away from the peak of the roof down to the edges, which makes metal roofing great for areas where snow is common.

  • Benefits of a Metal Roof

    • Weather Resistant – Because of their construction and coatings, snow and ice just slide off metal roofing, and the attachments to the roof structure make them very wind resistant as well.
    • Superior Waterproofing – Metal roofing seams are watertight, making metal roofing systems waterproof, especially with a gutter system as well.
    • Insulation – Because it is attached to the roof structure with fasteners, metal roofing has many options for insulation underneath.
    • Color and Finish Options – You don’t have to have a silver color on your metal roof! Metal roofing panels can also be covered with a variety of coatings to give them different colors as well as improve UV resistance and make precipitation slide off the roof more easily.
    • Extended Lifespan – Metal roofs are some of the most long-lasting roofs out there because they are very damage resistant. Once you have a metal roof, you don’t need to worry about a roof replacement for decades.

SRS Exteriors: Chicagoland’s Metal Roofing Experts

With a new metal roof from SRS Exteriors, your home or business in the Chicago area will not only have improved curb appeal but will be protected from severe weather for decades. At SRS Exteriors, we’ve cultivated relationships with some of the leading metal roofing manufacturers, and we’ve been certified by these companies to install their metal roof systems. You can trust SRS Exteriors for hassle-free metal roof installation or replacement.

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