Wood Shake Shingles

One of the most historic and also high-end roofing options out there is wood shake or wood shingles. Though it may sound backward to roof your home with wood, shake roofing made by modern roofing manufacturers is beautiful, versatile, and durable.

Not all roofing companies will install wood shake shingles. The most experienced roofing company in Chicago IL, SRS Exteriors, has access to this luxury roofing material, and we’re certified by manufacturers to install their modern wood shake style roofing products.

Upgrade Your Roof with Luxury Wood Shake Shingles by SRS Exteriors

  • What are wood roofing shingles?

    Wood has been used as roofing for thousands of years, and it became popular in America during Colonial times because wood was readily available. Originally, wood shakes were made by splitting logs by hand into small boards that were nailed together in an overlapping pattern to create a roof. Cedar was often used because it is durable and insect resistant. Cedar shake roofs start with an attractive reddish brown color that naturally ages to a slate gray.

  • Modern Wood Shake Roofing

    Today, wood shake roofing, sometimes called wood shingles or shake-style roofing, is made from composite materials that mimic the look of cedar shake without worrying about the downsides of natural wood like frequent maintenance. Many shake-style shingles are made from similar products to exterior siding that looks like wood.

  • Benefits of Wood Shingles

    • Lightweight
    • Class A fire resistant
    • Energy Star certification
    • Fade-resistant color
    • Long-term manufacturer warranties
  • The Most Trusted Roofing Company for New Roofs in Chicago IL, SRS Exteriors

    Considering shake roofing for your Chicago area home or business? SRS Exteriors is the local roofing company trusted by homeowners and commercial property owners to install new roofs and perform roof replacements with the best roofing materials out there. Our expert roofers are well-versed in a variety of roofing materials and roof styles, so we will find the right roofing for your situation.

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