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Roofing shingles protect your roof from environmental damage. The main purpose of roofing shingles is to protect your home from wet weather like rain and snow. Roofing shingles promote the drainage of moisture from the top of the roof to the ground, preventing water from entering your home. Shingles also protect your home from pests. In addition, roof shingles, which are highly visible, are an important part of the aesthetics of your home.


Three-tab shingles have been around for a long time and are very popular. The shingle is distinguished by cutout along the lower edge that make each shingle look like three separate pieces. These shingles have a very flat appearance on a roof line. Three-tab shingles are an economical choice for providing basic protection for your roof.

Three-tab shingles are the most popular and most economical shingle today.


Architectural roofing shingles are a premium grade of asphalt roofing that provides a stunning three-dimensional appearance. Also known as laminated or dimensional shingles, architectural roofing shingles are among the highest quality roofing products made. Many realtors recommend upgrading to architectural shingles when replacing a roof because of the curb appeal it gives an older home. Some of the most attractive architectural shingles can simulate the look of cedar wood shakes or slate. The shingles random colors and textures accent steep roof planes and highlight a roof’s many sections.

Architectural shingles create a contoured, dimensional look.


Premium shingles have a differentiated appearance or functionality from traditional architectural shingles. These products may have designs that mimic “old-world” roofing shingles, like natural slate or natural shake roofing shingles. These shingles enhance aesthetic appeal.

Premium design shingles provide an enhanced aesthetic appeal.


A metal roof may be the last roof you buy. Although the initial cost of installing a metal roof may be more than the cost of asphalt shingles, the money a homeowner can save is significant. Besides lasting a lifetime, metal roofing can increase the resale value and lower the cost of insurance premiums. Metal roofing can be chosen to look like asphalt shingle, clay tile, cedar shake or slate.

Metal shingles will last a lifetime, provide energy savings, and increase the resale value of your home.