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Hail Damage Restoration Company

Living in Chicagoland, you’re no stranger to the temperamental Midwest weather, and hail damage is something you’ve likely experienced firsthand. Even if you’re not aware of any obvious issues following a hail storm, your roof might still have sustained significant damage. When large hail hits your roof, the granules on the shingles can shake loose and fall off, collecting in your gutter downspouts and causing water to back up. You may also lose shingles altogether following a violent storm.

If you’ve been hit with a storm and are concerned about hail damage, you want to be sure you choose roofing professionals with the skills and expertise required to restore your roof.

When homeowners in Chicagoland need repair for roof damage from hail, they turn to the experienced professionals at SRS Exteriors. With a comprehensive approach to storm restoration, we offer exceptional service from start to finish to make repairing your roof an easy and hassle-free experience.


Unlike other roofing companies that rush through service to make a quick buck, the professionals at SRS Exteriors take the time to fully assess your damage and make the best possible recommendations to fix it. In fact, with our comprehensive roof inspection checklist, you can be sure no issues will escape our attention. 

Following our thorough inspection, we’ll provide you with a roof inspection report that details the extent of your damage and recommends restoration services that will return your roof to pristine condition. When you choose us as your roof damage professionals, we’ll deliver service benefits and amenities that include:


  • Complimentary Roof Repair or Replacement Estimates
  • Roofing Products from Industry-Leading Manufacturers like CertainTeed and GAF
  • Generous Manufacturer Warranties and Five-Year Labor Warranties
  • Trained and Experienced Roofing Professionals
  • Flexible Financing Solutions to Make Budgeting Easier


… and more!


When your roof’s been damaged due to severe weather, you want to be sure you choose experienced storm restoration professionals that can handle all of your needs. SRS Exteriors offers high-quality solutions, top-rated products, and an unrivaled commitment to customer satisfaction. Give us a call today to learn more about how our storm restoration experts can return your roof to its original state, or complete our online quote form to request a no-cost, no-obligation project estimate.

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