Wind Damage

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Wind Damage Restoration Company

Any home that has suffered siding and roof damage from wind and flying debris is essentially at the mercy of the weather. After a severe storm blows through, you might have water damage inside the attic, too. No homeowner or business owner wants to leave their property in this vulnerable state for long. With SRS Exteriors, you’ll get unbeatable service from professional home remodelers who are experienced at storm restoration.

Since 2014, we’ve been restoring our clients’ properties with quality products from leading brands, like GAF, Pella, and James Hardie. We can expertly repair wind damage to your roof, siding, and windows. Let one of our contractors explain more during a roofing inspection.


Your roof is likely the part of the home that sees the most damage from high winds. Flying tree limbs, yard implements, toys, and other objects can impact the roof, leaving dents, ripping away shingles, and sometimes tearing holes into the roof deck. Sustained high winds can also tear shingles right off the roof through sheer force.

If you suspect or can see roof damage after a storm, allow SRS Exteriors to send a roofing expert out to assess your property. Referring to a thorough roof inspection checklist to ensure nothing gets overlooked, a licensed and trained contractor will closely inspect your home. Some of the signs of damage we look for are:


  • Missing, Damaged, or Cracked Shingles
  • Bent or Pulled-Up Flashing
  • Damaged or Missing Gutters
  • Debris on the Roof Deck
  • Signs of Water Leakage in the Attic
  • Bent or Cracked Exhaust Pipes and Vents
  • Roof Debris on the Ground Around the Home


After your inspection, our contractor will provide you with a roof inspection report, including pictures, detailing all the damages.


When it comes to storm restoration, time is always of the essence, so don’t hesitate to reach out to SRS Exteriors about a roofing inspection. A certified expert will inspect your home and let you know the extent of any wind damage that we find. We’ll also provide an upfront cost estimate for restoring your roof, siding, or windows. Call us or fill out our online form to connect with a friendly representative right away.


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